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We produce high-quality frames for people who appreciate design and the small touches that make all the difference. Who enjoy expressing their personality and see their glasses as part of their identity.

KunoQvist was born out of a passion for eyewear and a desire to be different. Our aim has never been to create a brand for everyone. Since our first collection launched in 2005, we have consistently worked with a classic Scandinavian design and combined it with exciting details and deliberately chosen colours.

KunoQvist creates frames with colour. And with each new collection comes a new colour scheme. That’s why our colour palette changes with time.

Our headquarters, studio and showroom are located on the top floor of a former printworks in Malmö’s oldest industrial area, Norra Sorgenfri. A place that gives us plenty of spontaneous urban inspiration.

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Written by Radhika Chawla

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